All-Star Teams

  • Gold

    Non Travel Team for ages 5-14

  • Sapphire

    Mini Level 1 for ages 5-8

  • White Diamonds

    Large Senior Coed Level 5 for ages 11-18

  • Black Diamonds

    Small Senior Coed Level 6 for ages 13-18 (Worlds)

  • Blue Diamonds

    Senior Level 2 for ages 11-18

  • Jade

    Youth Level 2 for ages 5-11

  • Emeralds

    Junior Level 3 for ages 5-14

  • Rubies

    Non Travel Tiny Team for ages 3-6

I have 2 daughters that had no experience when they joined. after several years they have turned them into World Class cheerleaders. The coaches encourage my girls to be serious competitors through dedication to their training and teammates, while making it fun because they are still children.
Amy May Wiebers